Sunday, May 2, 2010

Moving Cross Country, Or, a Little Sadness a Lot of FML

44 Years. 10 Months. 328 Days.

This is how long I’ve called the San Francisco Bay Area home. And now, it’s off to a brand new home, and a brand new chapter in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Besides the oncoming sadness that comes with the knowledge that my days in the Bay Area are numbered, adding to the stress level has been a series of trying times with an auto shipper that will remain nameless - let's just say that what I'd like to do to the sales rep and the "customer service" reps has everything to do with how the cows and chickens are treated in the movie "Food Inc."

Normally, when I tell a company what I expect, I believe that they'll follow through, then I remember this is 2010, not 1941; so when the expected date of picking up the car (Monday, 4/26) came and went without even a courtesy phone call (one that I had been promised , by the sales rep), I, of course followed through, only to have my blood pressure rise, along with my voice, as the poor customer service reps felt the wrath of Rob. Fortunately, the company that our mover suggested was able to take our car, and we now await its arrival. With regards to our stuff, the moving company was quite impressed with the amount of boxes ready to load; apparently if we left it up to the movers to do everything, it would take about 2 days; since we were using the past 10 days to pack, they were in and out in 4 hours. Again, we anxiously await the arrival, but, in the meantime, it's a great opportunity to plan how we want the new house to look, and get some of the necessities for it.

It’s quite easy to say that I’ll miss the Bay Area, and San Francisco especially. But, it’s also quite easy to say that while I am no longer living in the Bay Area, today’s technology makes the distance apart much, much shorter.

I didn’t join Facebook as quickly as my friends and family; I did join Twitter rather early, mostly because 140 characters is all I can muster most of the time. Now, these two platforms for social networking will be my lifeline to the place that was home. I’ll be able to see what everyone is up to (at least what they want the public to know). I’ll be able to keep tabs on my nieces and nephews as they reach milestones, and I’ll be able to see how my newest niece is doing come August.

With all the sites that are San Francisco driven, it will not be hard to stay in the know with regards to food, music, arts, gossip.

With all the sites that are Bay Area driven, it will not be hard to get caught up with friends whose endeavors I’ve followed, or will follow.

Likewise, to those of you who choose to spend quality time perusing my ramblings, I hope to keep you entertained, either by my wit/charm/grace (not likely), or by the occasional appearance by a certain 3-year old who continues to amaze…

The new adventures have begun!

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MTFR said...

congratulations on the move and the new home. don't worry, I'll follow your exploits Bobby. Kinda sad that maybe this time around, when you are thousands of miles away, we'd actually keep in touch more often. Guess there is a silver lining to having you move :P