Sunday, July 25, 2010

Miss Me?

So, my mother-in-law has been joking that me moving to the East Coast just happens to coincide with the hottest summer in recent memory.

Can't say she's lying, as it's been hot, humid, sticky, rainy, just about everything that is associated with east coast weather...not that my son minds the heat...

What I'm finding out quickly is that the heat can seriously sap the energy out of you, so you do what you can early in the day (like mow the lawn, grocery shop), then turn on the AC, thank the Lord that your house has central air, and relax...until you need to go out for lunch, or a quick errand, or hope that your home town baseball team has a eastern time start that won't affect your sleep patterns.

(This is just for the weekends, BTW - the work week is work work work, pick up Zach some days, and off to the gym with Zach on those days)

What I'm also finding out is that these thunderstorms do some serious damage - we lost a HUGE branch off of one of our trees in the backyard, but, fortunately, our landlord knows people who remove the fallen branches - since, you know, this San Francisco native knows NOTHING about tree removal, except to bag the Christmas tree and put it on the curb on your garbage pickup day...

Since last we met, I took my son to see Toy Story 3 - he for the second time, my first time; having read the reviews, and also reading the EW (Entertainment Weekly) reporter who cried at the end of the movie, me, being my snarky self, thought (foolishly, as it turned out) that I can get through the movie without incident - uh, WRONG!

I'll keep it spoiler free, but, if you watch the end of the film and are not at the very least sniffling and/or wiping your eyes because it's dusty in the theater, you may have no heart or soul (this of course means that Dick Cheney laughed his a** off at the end).

Also caught up on a couple of movies released last year, both recommended by an old friend

The Damned United stars the british actor who played Liz Lemon's boyfriend in a few episodes of 30 Rock this season - brilliant performance, witty script, well-told true story of a soccer manager's disastrous 44-day reign with Leeds United.

This next movie I wish I had seen in the theater with my little sister, because we would have been both crying from laughing, and probably be quoting the movie as we left the theater. Black Dynamite, starring the guy who played Mike Tyson in an HBO movie years ago, is quite the homage to 1970's blaxplotation films, complete with fuzzy focused scenes, one scene where you see the boom mike, and it is just funny, funny, funny. Highly recommend this one.

(As I'm doing this, TIM-MAY just got out of a 1st and 3rd, no out jam in the eighth inning, keeping the game tied at two! WOO HOO!)

So, that about it for now - hopefully there will be a post that won't be one month down the road, but, no promises...


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