Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OMG! It's been a month! Start Cooking!

Sooooooooooooooooo...one month in.................

(No, I haven't gone loco yet...)

As with any move, there are adjustments to be made; with a move like this (cross country), well, several additional adjustments have been made, like the internal clock is now pretty much running on East Coast Time, with the only hiccups coming when I want to listen to a Giants baseball game from the west coast that starts at 10:15 here...

Keep it up, Buster; keep it up!

Now that the house is in order, the cooking has picked up, some; typical stuff (stir fries, pasta marinara), some great buys from Trader Joe's (the chicken burgers? yum!), and, as always, Zach friendly stuff (Easy Mac, chix nuggets, Spaghetti-o's)

One bit I had forgetten was the same product/different name thing here; to wit:

west coast - oroweat/east coast - arnold
west coast - Dreyer's/east coast - Edy's
west coast - Best Foods/east coast - Hellman's

I'm sure there are others, but my mind escapes me...

I have found a couple of asian markets, quite a number of european markets, and, when I feel very adventurous, I'll make treks out to Hartford to check out the Jamaican/Caribbean stores to get my fill of delicious patties, jerk chicken, etc, and hopefully the resources to make them at home.

Besides some of the obvious food items that I miss from San Francisco (Graffeo Coffee, Boudin Sourdough, dungeness crab), the biggest two items not here that would make me feel so at home right now would have to be the chicken katsu lunch plate, and the mega-stuffed burrito:

That sound you hear? Everyone in my family on the west coast calling in their order to either L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, or their favorite burrito place.

I know a lot of you are thinking "Robert, you are a trained effin chef after all - make it yourself!", and to that I reply "true, but, still..."

Once the work situation rights itself (and it looks to be happening very soon!), then I'll be able to work tortillas, panko, short grain japanese rice, carne asada, avocados, etc., into the budget, and try to replicate the tastes that I'm missing.

Oh, and a quick note regarding cheap chinese food here - just not the same...

So, having taken out all the cookbooks, as well as all my culinary school binders, there should be no excuses about missing any of the above foods, since I have a pretty spacious kitchen from which I can turn out all kinds of yummy good things; I recently introduced the east coast relatives to my favorite brownies of all time, and, with some birthdays coming up, there will be ample opportunities to showcase my favorite brunch items, dinner items, and baked goods.

Till next time...

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Nels said...

Perhaps a business opportunity is staring directly at you. Franchise an L&L or Hawaiian BBQ.