Saturday, October 23, 2010


As I watched the Texas Rangers eliminate the New York Yankees last night, my first thought was that of happiness for long-suffering Ranger fans, who finally get to see what the World Series is all about...and my second thought was that of the countless Yankee fans who called into Mad Dog Unleashed before the game stating that "We have Texas right where we want them", and "We're the Yankees, and we're going to win it all!"

First off, dear caller, you do not wear the pinstripes, so please, spare me with the "We" "We" "We" talk...

Secondly, it's nice to have all the confidence in the world, but, you tend to forget that Phil Hughes was handed the task of saving your season...which is not good...

This brings me to tonight's clash between the upstart (Jonathan Sanchez) and the wily ol' vet (Roy Oswalt) I've been hearing for the last two days, the Giants have no chance - Oswalt today, former World Series MVP Cole Hamels tomorrow, so, Texas, pack your bags, your headed to the City of Brotherly Love...


I have to channel my inner east coast sports fan, I suppose, but the Giants are in the driver's seat, and they're throwing a lefty who can neutralize Utley and Howard, who, by the way, threw the clincher for the Western Division this season, has thrown a no-hitter, and may be just the right guy to push us over the brink.

Now, a lot of superstitious people may be cursing me for jinxing this, but for god sakes, don't you think we Giant fans deserve the right to feel confident, to know that we'll close this out tonight, that things eventually balance out - I mean Oswalt has not lost once in Philly as a Phillie - that changes tonight.

Philadelphia has been king of the National League the past two years - that changes tonight.

Giants fans have suffered for far too long - that changes tonight.

Tonight IS the night!

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